CBT for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT, is an evidenced-based treatment for anxiety disorders.  Clients activate their anxious feelings by thinking illogically about some event oFamily Fightingr circumstance, signalling danger.  The brain’s response to danger is to go into “fight or flight mode,” activate the sympathetic nervous system.  Activation of the sympathetic nervous system causes the adrenal glands to dump catecholamines  into  the bloodstream. These  hormones cause breathing to become rapid and shallow, increases the delivery of glucose to the muscles and heart and causes us to perspire in order to cool down.  This normal reaction to fear when the object of the fear is unknown may be so strong that the individual could panic, thinking they are having a heart attack.  With CBT clients learn to recognize the power of language in launching the sequence of events that trigger their anxiety.  They learn to think differently and constructively in order to react in a healthy way to the signaling event.  CBT is a brief psychotherapy.  Clients learn the format for CBT in the first session and begin to experience relief right away. 

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