angrycouple4-267x200Couples Crises Therapy

& Weekend Retreat

The Couples Therapy Retreat is a skills-building therapy program for one couple in distress, perhaps on the brink of breaking up or divorcing. They feel their marriage is in a state of emergency and are seeking an immediate, private, intensive therapy experience to learn how to manage their negativity. The couple spends two days at Dr. Kovner’s comfortable`~ office in Norcross, Georgia, learning and practicing relationship building skills using Gottman Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Transactional Analysis and more.

The advantages of a Two-Day Retreat for Couples is that they can quickly explore their history, learn the skills up-front that are necessary to manage negativity, and develop insight into how their dreams have come into conflict. By accelerating their knowledge they can productively spend their weekly follow-up sessions applying that knowledge. Therapy is the application of knowledge learned.

What Couples Will Accomplish in the Two-Day Intensive Marital Therapy

  • Learn how to stop perceiving your partner in a way that brings out their defensiveness.
  • Learn to identify triggers associated with anger, fear and sadness.
  • Move out of the Attack-Defend stage of the marital argument and learn how to repair, collaborate and get back to solving the “real” problems of living a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Rebuild friendship, fondness and admiration for each other.

To sign up for a Two-Day Intensive Marital Therapy Retreat, call now (770) 729-0123.


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