EATING DISORDERS: Assessment and Treatment

Madeline Altabe, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Eating Disorders Specialist

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site“My practice is a warm, inviting and safe place for clients to work towards their goals, develop stable, happy, and calmer emotions and be more effective in their work and relationships. Much of my focus is on how people are doing now in their lives and what they want for their future. I prefer a collaborative approach using the knowledge and skills of psychology, to help people reach their individual goals.”

 “I came upon my eating disorders specialty out of an interest in the interplay between personal, biological, family and cultural influences. I think of an eating disorder as a place people get stuck along the way towards greater growth, understanding and relating. I enjoy helping people reach a better place.

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Clinical Expertise

Dr. Altabe’s clinical expertise is widely known in the treatment of adolescents and adults with eating disorders, compulsive overeating, post-bariatric surgery counseling, depression, anxiety and illness coping. She provides assessment for eating disorders, clearance for bariatric surgery and diagnosis and treatment for chronic pain. Dr. Altabe also provides Alpha-Stim Therapy and Couples Counseling using Gottman Therapy.

Consultation and Peer Supervision

Dr. Altabe provides consultation and peer supervision for eating disordered clients and community-focused mental health awareness.

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American Psychological Association
Florida Psychological Association
National Eating Disorders Organization
International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals – Tampa Bay Chapter.

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