Just watching the news about the Las Vegas Massacre, knowing someone at the  event that was killed or injured will cause you to have trepidation and anxiety about attending out door events. We have been exposed to the traumatic stress of the mass shooting in Las Vegas and it affects us. Ruminating thoughts and/or images, compulsive TV News watching, sleeplessness, anxious and depressed mood, avoidance of outdoor spaces, increased vigilance, difficulty concentrating and paying attention, distractibility, feeling stuck or frozen and unable to make decisions, are a few of the symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder that may result.

These symptoms usually abate over time. However, if they persist, that is a sign you have PTSD. Clients seeking treatment are most likely to recover. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, physical therapeutic activities such as Yoga, Diagrammatic Breathing, Dance  produces the movement clients need  to decrease the feeling of being stuck.

Clients that are experiencing PTSD are “Time Travelers.” They look back in time at the stressful event, causing depressing symptoms and look forward in time to anticipate future events, causing anxiety. As a result, they are not present and living their lives here and now. Using a combination of Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, clients retake control over their fears by changing their perception and beliefs about their experiences. They learn to be present again in their relationships.

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