You can’t focus at work? Don’t tap the brakes on impulses that cause you problems when driving, spending, or drinking? Not completing tasks before you start new ones? Does your sexual behavior have room for improvement? Adults with ADHD may have average or above levels of intelligence but their executive functions are impaired (paying attention, organizing, shifting attention, controlling their impulses (inhibiting responding), regulating mood, remembering, and anticipating consequences). Untreated ADHD can cause severe life-long problems that may affect your marriage, education, career and employment. Without therapy and support, you may become anxious and depressed over time. Adults with ADHD have more arrests, divorces and bankruptcies. In relationships, adults with ADHD struggle with appropriately asserting themselves. They may be passive or express their anger inappropriately. Procrastinating and disorganization often leads to late fees. Adults with ADHD are known for high risk behaviors such as sexual promiscuity, shoplifting, gambling, speeding, etc. 

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