BiPolar Disorders

Mania and Hypomania

The mood swings range from depressively low to hypo-manically high to very high (mania). Thinking can become very unusual and marked by ideas of grandeur. Behavior can be very impulsive, like going on binges sexually, spending or other ways. Sleep can be absent for days at a time in manic states. Irritability and anger are heightened. In less intense highs, creativity may be quite high. But after days of expending energy there is often a crash and depression sets in.

Medications are really necessary to stabilize mood. They are prescribed by psychiatrists. Mood regulation skills, anger management, impulse-control can be addressed in psychotherapy. That is where Dr. Kovner can step in. As part of the team, my goal is to help you or your family member obtain the skills, the insight and the self-control needed to manage this disorder. Call me at (770) 312-2319 for an appointment or schedule through the booking system by clicking on the calendar.