Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Depression

The deep despair we fall into comes at the price of our energy, creativity, interest in ourselves and others and we lose the joy of activities that once gave us pleasure. The dark mood of depression drives down our self-esteem, ability to make decisions and solve even the most benign problems of living. We feel defeated and give up, often feeling life is not worth living.

These dark moods are generally triggered by a lifetime of negative and irrational thinking that we may, over time, become unaware.

In Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) we learn to identify the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, perceptions and images that trigger these dark moods and confront their logic.

Depression TherapyMost clients respond quickly to CBT and find relief from their dark moods. Others may respond best to a combination of anti-depressant medication and CBT. The team effort by the psychologist and psychiatrist will provide the best treatment. In the most severe cases, hospitalization may offer the starting point for providing a safe environment for developing stress tolerance skills and CBT.

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