Dr. Kovner sees Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Families, Military Members and their Families, Seniors, and LGB&T Clients

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Dr. Kovner sees clients throughout the life span, many of whom have experienced trauma in their childhoods due to abuse. Clients may have traumatic injuries in war, or, as civilians, experienced injuries in accidents or became victims of a crime such as rape, assault, robbery, etc. Stressful work environments and infidelity cause trauma, as does divorce, particularly for children.




Poverty causes trauma. So does bullying and harassment. Many adolescents experience stress and trauma in their schools where they may become victims of discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, and peer pressure.  Dr. Kovner provides assessment and treatment to victims of trauma and stress.

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Active Duty and Retired U.S. Military Soldiers

and Their Families

The Kovner Center specializes in the treatment of Adjustment Disorder, Bereavement, PTSD, and other emotional and substance abuse disorders to returning active duty military soldiers, retired military and dependent military family members.

Our returning solUS Soldier Cryingdiers who have personally experienced serious to catastrophic physical injuries, witnessed the decimation of friends and others, and are experiencing emotional trauma, are seeking evidenced-based scientifically sound treatment.

Their physical symptoms may include: muscular-skeletal injuries to the knees, back, shoulders, neck or arms.  They may be recovering from other ballistic or shrapnel injuries.

They may experience chronic pain, traumatic brain injuries, memory loss, insomnia, flash-backs of the military theater, occupational difficulties and marital problems. Our soldiers may experience humiliation from the ignorance and insensitivity of others, accusations of malingering, or naive admiration from friends or acquaintances.

Senior citizens may be traumatized in their home settings (elder abuse) or in nursing homes where they are separated from their loved ones, their homes, and communities.

The Kovner Center provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, and DBT treatment methods for PTSD.

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