An IEE is an independent educational evaluation done by a professional psychologist who does not work for your child’s school. A parent may want their child tested independently to get an objective professional assessment of their child’s achievement, intelligence, emotional and behavioral functioning that is not affected by the opinions of their teachers or school staff.

The parent may choose to share the results with the school or not, it is up to them. Parents have more control over the evaluation. They may want a complete evaluation of their child’s intelligence, memory, attention, achievement, behavior and personality; or, they may want a specific aspect of their child’s functioning evaluated. For example, “does my child have ADHD?,” ”What is my child’s ability?,” or, level of achievement?” “Is he/she depressed? or anxious?,” etc.

The disadvantages of an independent educational evaluation is that the school will likely not pay for it and a complete psychological evaluation is very expensive. The school does not have to accept the results or the recommendations of the independent psychologist.

Sometimes a school will pay for a psychological evaluation if they do not have the staff to do the testing, or if they want an independent consultation for their support team.

However, there are many reasons why an independent psychological evaluation is right to do.

♦     iI you are just wanting to understand your child, their needs and personality

♦    Determine what methods, techniques, activities or experiences can better help your child?

♦    What kind of classroom accommodations could facilitate my child’s learning?

♦    To determine if your child needs psychotherapy or counseling.

♦    To make a referral to a physician for medication?

♦    To understand why your child is behaving the way he/she does

♦    To figure out why your child is falling behind in school or why they are failing to learn

♦    If you are thinking if a private school could help?

♦    If your are wondering if your child could benefit by a repeating a grade?

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