Based on 30 years of research, there are 17 problems in marriage. You will find your issues among the following list. These issues are found in most marriages. However, they are not the cause of divorce.

  • Staying emotionally connected
  • Handling Job Stress
  • Handling Issues or disagreements poorly or gridlocking on one or more issues
  • Sex life
  • The marriage is not romantic and passionless; the fire is going out
  • An Important event (like the birth of a child, job loss, changes in job or residence, an illness, the death of a loved one) has occurred in our lives.
  • Major issues about children have arisen (this could be about whether or not to have a child).
  • Major issues or events have arisen about In-laws, a relative or relatives.
  • Being attracted to other people, feeling jealous, or a spouse is flirtatious, or there may be a recent extramarital affair.
  • When disagreements arise, they result in unpleasant fights.
  • We are experiencing differences on basic values and goals or in desired lifestyle are emerging.
  • Very hard events (for example, violence, drugs, an affair) have occurred within the marriage.
  • We are not working very well as a team right now.
  • We are not coping well with Issues of power or influence.
  • We are not handling issues of finances well.
  • We are not having fun together.
  • We are not feeling close in the areas of spirituality.

We can assess the strengths of your relationship and the areas that need improvement with questionnaires and provide feedback about the state of your marriage.

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